The best quality is absolute satisfaction of customers. We provide the best and delicious food to our customers. 4th & Penn St Restaurant strives to keep the standard for good. We are open Seven days a week to serve our customers with scrumptious meal.4th & Penn St Restaurant offers Takeout and Party Catering for any event. We promise you that we will keep on doing our best with strength, honesty and pride.

4th & Penn St Restaurant


 Devon C.

Historically speaking, for me, their food has always been good and service prompt. A kittle disappointed in my last visit as we were sat down then forgotten about. Other people arrived after us and got their food before we even ordered our drinks. When we did get to order, I got the wrong margarita, but things were rectified as I did get one for free and our server was extra attentive after the fact. Plus it was the only time this happened, 3 visits before this one day has shown to provide consistent good service as well as food.


Alicia S.

Well, I got sat in the back corner while I waited on my party to arrive. Waited over 10 mins and no one even came to ask me what I want to drink. Once my party arrived, we ordered drinks and then waited, and waited, finally the drinks came and the chips and salsa. We waited more than 15 more mins to order our food. Then we waited again, for refills, but then the food came and we ate. Still without refills. Then we had to wait on chips and salsa that came, but no refills. Finally, we flagged her down and got a to go cup and asked for our bill. Terrible service - Kaitlyn was busy, but the food was ok.


Jessica H.

Visited for the first time on 08/13/18 and it was FABULOUS. I love this food anyway and everything I put in my mouth I enjoyed. The salsa was alright - reminded me of what's pretty standard . I really loved what I had for dinner, which was a combo. I will definitely visit here again when I'm in Kokomo. Side note: they seemed to be short staffed that night. While ordering and waiting for drinks took longer than I expected, the food arrived fairly quickly after our order was taken.


John F.

I was a little disappointed here.  I was expecting a little more authentic cuisine but  the enchiladas I got were really bland American version. Lots of Mexican choices in town and this one is not the best.


Joey S.

Very fun hangout spot especially in the summer on the patio. I love the drinks and nachos keep the good times rolling with the mariachis and authentic dance troupes and you can have one fun time with family and friends.


TonyA M.

Best Mexican restaurant in Kokomo.  I love the atmosphere, the service is impeccable and prompt. Food was delicious. I WILL be back for this ethnic taste of heaven


Amanda C.

I have been here twice now and will not being going back. The first time I went, the restaurant had just opened and the food was just really bland. The second time I came back, I came with a group of friends for a meeting.  I was not hungry because I had just eaten so I planned to just have a glass of water and eat a few chips and salsa.  When I told our waiter that, he got really bitchy with me and told me I would have to pay for the chips.  I told him I just wouldn't eat any chips and then he got shitty with me for telling him I wasn't going to eat.  It was a large group and everyone ordered something except me so it wasn't as though he wasn't going to make money off our table...except after he was so rude with me, he ended up making little from our table as none of the group appreciated his ridiculous display of douchebaggery.  Never going back. (Unless maybe they fire that guy)


Marisa B.

If your in the mood for Mexican this is the spot.  They have the best chips and salsa.


Rhonda S.

We heard this was a great new place in Kokomo, so we tried it last night with our granddaughter. We weren't sure where to park, so we ended up in Rudae's beauty school lot across the street, hoping it was ok.We arrived around 6:45 and the place was fairly busy. The patio was full so we had to eat inside. Disappointing, because it looked very welcoming.The patio and the inside of the reastaurant appeared to have a lot of seating.It took a while for our waitress to come, but she was extremely nice! We ordered the Mexican Steak, the Carlos Burrito, and grilled shrimp. The wait was nearly 40 minutes for the food to come to the table. We polished off two baskets of chips during that time. they were just regular chips Hubby's plate was filled with veggies and steak and looked really good, but he said the steak was pretty tough and chewy, even though it was cut in slender slices. My Carlos Burrito was exceptionally good! it was filled with a generous portion of delicious tasting shredded pork, seasonings and covered with the green verde sauce and white cheese. It was very big, enough for two. Granddaughter had a large portion of grilled shrimp covered in a white cheese sauce, of which she enjoyed every bite. My hubby thought the price was pretty salty! For just three of us it was well over .He didn't think he would come back, but I would have to disagree. I think I will do lunch sometime on a pretty day so I can sit on their lovely patio.


Ray M.

Discovered Amigos during a block party event this weekend along the Buckeye St/Old Depot area of downtown.  This area is going through a nice revival right now.  The restaurant has a very nice outdoor patio area, with a beautiful desert sunset mural, barn wood pergolas, and stucco and brick walls.  In the center is a nice brick fire pit that took off the early autumn chill.The menu is extensive, with many traditional and tex-mex style selections.  I noted their list of nacho choices was much larger that what I've seen before.  The have a large selection of Mexican cervezas as well.   A sign on the door advertised nights when a Mariachi band performed (from Guadalajara).  Our server was Holly, very pleasant and helpful with some of her favorites.  The service was a little slow but understandable since the crowd was large and many from the block party.We ordered the shredded chicken and cheese nachos.  An ample portion for two to share.  Prepared with a mixture of onions, peppers (we think poblano) and stewed tomatoes nicely flavored.  The chips were typical restaurant style corn tortilla chips.Definitely a place we'd try again when in the area.


Ruth C.

We love Taco Tuesday here!  Their chicken tacos contain lots of shredded chicken and they serve COLD beer.  Our current favorite is XX Amber.   If it's Tuesday, we're usually at 3 Amigos


J J.

Great food, great service. Salsa is just the right kinda spicy, chips were awesome. We had the chicken fajitas and Carlos burrito--both flavorful and good. Lunch prices were just right as well, everything was fast, so we'd recommend trying it. (Former complaints about wait time or cold food was not experienced by us, maybe it was because they were just opening up.)


Zachary C.

Showed up 1 hour and 10 mins before they closed and kitchen was closed. Several folks still in restaurant. Very confused on a Saturday night.


Joe L.

First time. Many more to come. That says it all, for now at least.Good variety. Priced fairly. Service was top notch.Food was hot and tasty.


Heather W.

Always friendly service, great outdoor seating area and fantastic food!  I love their fajitas taco salad


Chet C.

Great food and service. Outside seating is fairly nice and the prices are not to bad.


Dwight E.

A recent find, and a happy discovery.  This is authentic Mexican and is good food.  Service can be good to great, depending on when you are here.  More demand on Fridays and Saturdays means a little more patience is required but it's worth the wait.  Ordered the "El Amigo Special" and got a chimichanga, quesadilla, and tortilla bowl with beef and taco toppings.  Yummy!  Tip: I'm also a chorizo fan and they offer a choriqueso dip that is really good.  Has some spice to it, but that's chorizo for you.  Loved it.  Will definitely be back for more here at 3 Amigos.  Also, they have outdoor seating for those warm nights.  They had live music tonight, just to add to the ambience.  Nice touch.


James E.

3 taco lunch - 15 min wait, shows up cold.  I find a server & tell them I'm not eating cold tacos.  She brought 3 fresh hot tacos & some chips/salsa ( 20 mins in now and I just now get chips).  The carne asada was dry & the lingua was hard & very chewy.  Disappointing!  Then check out.... 1 register w/20 ppl in line.  50 min out the door for 3 bad tacos.


Claudia K.

Great place to eat but don't try to order food for delivery to Tin Man which is across the driveway.Called in an order which was suppose to take 30min. An hour later I walk over and they said they were busy. Took .00 off and said it would be delivered in 15min or less. Waited 30 and went back to get our money refunded. Guessing if your not in restaurant your not important.


Chelsie B.

VERY disappointed in the service at this resturant. We ordered from the tin man for delivery and they said it would be 20 or 30 min. And hour later I went over there to pick up the order because it never came. They told me that when ever the get busy they just put the to go orders on the back bar. BEWARE if you are ordering to go from here.

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The best quality is absolute satisfaction of customers. We provide the best and delicious food to our customers. 4th & Penn St Restaurant strives to keep the standard for good. We are open Seven days a week to serve our customers with scrumptious meal.4th & Penn St Restaurant offers Takeout and Party Catering for any event. We promise you that we will keep on doing our best with strength, honesty ...

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